Suzani Textile- 60" x 89"

Bring the exotic charm of Uzbekistan to your next event with our Suzani Textile collection, available for rental at Sheherazade Event. These stunning textiles, originating from nomadic tribes, feature intricate embroidery, vivid colors, and elaborate motifs. Each piece, crafted with silk embroidery on cotton-backed linen, exemplifies both durability and exceptional beauty. In superb antique condition, our Suzani textiles can be used as exquisite table or bed coverings, or as mesmerizing wall décor, transforming any event space. Rent from our curated collection and infuse your event with a touch of Central Asian heritage, making it a truly memorable experience.

● Size: 60" x 89"

● Price: $110/ Day

● Quantity 1

● Material: Cotton / Cotton